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Farm on the Gardunha mountain

Castelo Novo, Portugal

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Property Description

This very unique scenic mountain farm is situated above the castle village of Castelo Novo. It has access via various dirt tracks, which are roughly 5km to the village. They are accessible by any vehicle. The property has two ruins, one with 30m2 and the other with 50m2.

The land has roughly 2.5hectates of land that would be suitable for agriculture, the other 7.5hectares are mountain, but still great to plant a wide variety of trees, of which the farm already has many, namely chestnuts, oak, cork and a few pine.

There is an abundance of water on the farm, it has a few large streams that pass right through the centre of the farm, each holding a lot of water all year round. There is a small lake close to the boundary of the farm too, which would be an excellent place for fishing.

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Property Details

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10 hectares

Property Location

Castelo Novo, Portugal

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