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About us

Mariana, Joseph & Jim

My parents and I moved out to central Portugals Beira Baixa region in late 2015, we bought a farm and since then have been learning about the relaxed, rural Portuguese way of life, making new friends, learning new skills and in my case meeting Mariana, the love of my life.

Since then we have been turning around a small farm that has not been farmed for almost a decade. Bringing back old orchards, planting and maintaining new ones too, building animal pens and shelters, whilst trying to integrate into a completely different community. Follow our little blog as we discover the wonders of growing our own food and rearing our animals in the heart of rural Portugal.

In the Spring of 2019 my sister Lucy and her boyfriend Lloyd, a school friend of mine, came to visit us for a holiday with the idea of checking out a few farms whilst they were out here, get a feel for the Portuguese, slower pace of life and see if it was really for them. They have both always lived in the country and Lloyd has always had a passion for all things in agriculture. They loved what they had seen so much they decided they will not go back and they will instead stay here with us, work our farm alongside us and continue their search for their very own homestead from Portugal itself. Since then Lloyd has proven himself a valuable asset as a worthy farmhand, jumping into every job we do and they have even started their own poultry concern! 

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